Dr. Rona Ma
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Our Mission
To provide the best of Eastern and Western Medicine to promote quality holistic health care customized to the individual patient, conduct research on the efficacy and design for integrative medicine, & educate practitioners with an integrative medicine paradigm.

For many years, Dr. Rona Ma has been involved in the United States and the world for legislation to promote and develop Chinese medicine.

Academic experience:

Graduated from the Medical College of Qingdao in 1980
Acupuncture master’s degree at Beijing Acupuncture Institute (Hong Kong) in 1983
California licensed acupuncture in 1985
Practice TCM and Acupuncture in the city of Fremont


Executive director of National Federation of Chinese TCM Organization
Secretary-General of UCPCM
Executive committee member of World federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Resident of UCPCM (2003-2006)
President of Tri-Valley China Love Foundation

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