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Our Mission
To provide the best of Eastern and Western Medicine to promote quality holistic health care customized to the individual patient, conduct research on the efficacy and design for integrative medicine, & educate practitioners with an integrative medicine paradigm.

What are opportunities for Research?

  • ICIM and Alameda Hospital System (AHS) have initiated an in-hospital research project for integrative medicine within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
  • ICIM expects to have additional Research projects develop for integrative medicine with Oncology Treatment (known as Complementary, Supplemental, and Supportive Oncology Treatment).
  • Please contact us at for information on our research projects.
  • ICIM Website Research Page SIO abstract 2012 research. Click Here
  • ICIM Website Research Page Chinese Medicine and Rare Form of Cancer. Click Here
  • Acupuncture safety in patients with lymphedema: A retrospective study | 2009 Breast Cancer Symposium | Abstracts | Meeting Library. Click Here
Dr. Wang Yu Yan visits Integrative Medicine Clinic    
ICIM SIO research abstract presentation at International conference Society of Integrative Medicine 2012   ICIM ICU acupuncture research Nov 2015 Alameda Health Systems and ICIM Research Committee and ICU Staff
ICIM WEBSITE ICU research team Acupuncturists   ICIM WEBSITE AHS Acupuncture research meeting (002)