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ICIM at Highland Hospital, ACMC

The International Center for Integrative Medicine (ICIM) has an integrative medicine program that provides free acupuncture treatments to patients at Highland Hospital.  Acupuncture treatments are a proven evidenced-based method for treating pain and for reducing symptoms related to a number of chronic diseases and the side effects of cancer treatment. Hence, acupuncture treatments can stretch Highland Hospital ’s scarce resources by reducing hospital stays and decreasing patient pharmaceutical consumption.

Beginning in April of 2011, ICIM has furnished more than 400 acupuncture treatments to Highland Hospital patients. These treatments have been both inpatient and outpatient at the hospital’s Adult Medicine Clinic.  Alameda County Medical Center ’s (ACMC) Highland Hospital facility serves as Alameda County ’s primary source of health care for medically indigent and uninsured patients.

ICIM’s inpatient acupuncture treatments represents the first time a public hospital has created such a service in the U.S. Developing this program required collaborating with the hospital in the creation of an entirely new set of hospital protocols specifically designed for acupuncture treatments. Highland Hospital ’s acupuncture protocols are another first in the Nation. For hospital patients to receive acupuncture treatments they must first receive a physician’s referral. ICIM’s acupuncturists typically contact the floor nurse in charge and are then directed to the appropriate patient room. The acupuncturists will consult with nursing staff and review the medical file before speaking to the patient. Then the acupuncturist conducts his or her own assessment of the patient’s medical needs in order to devise an individual treatment plan. Most inpatient sessions last about 45 minutes and patients are encouraged to come to the hospital’s Adult Medicine Clinic for follow-up treatments. Currently, inpatient treatments occur every Monday from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

UPDATE April 17, 2014

ICIM Staff at Highland Hospital: Dr. Jamie Hampton, Wayne Matecki, Ky Yu, Dr. Alex Feng and Dr. Amy Matecki – appointments are booked through November!

Outpatients are treated at Highland Hospital ’s Adult Medicine Clinic on Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. The clinic has dedicated three treatment rooms for acupuncture patients. Each room has a “treatment table” which looks more like an over-sized reclining chair. An infra-red heating lamp is used to keep the patient warm and comfortable during the session. Treatments last about 30 minutes and patients are reevaluated after six treatments to assess their progress. There is a four to six week waiting list for patients wishing to use acupuncture at the clinic.

ICIM is actively seeking external grants and funding to expand this program.

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