Executive Summary
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Our Mission
To provide the best of Eastern and Western Medicine to promote quality holistic health care customized to the individual patient, conduct research on the efficacy and design for integrative medicine, & educate practitioners with an integrative medicine paradigm.

The vision of ICIM is to apply the design of Integrated Medicine developed by China (in place since 1950) in a modern, community based urban Center. By preserving the treasure of Traditional Chinese Medicine and blending it with allopathic or “conventional” medicine, ICIM offers a type of Integrated Medicine that is unique. In this model, neither type of medicine is primary with the other viewed as complementary. Both  are considered as necessary as dictated by a patient-centric approach with an interdisciplinary team of practitioners who jointly participate in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients. The full range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, acupressure, tui na, qi gong, herbal and nutritional therapies), as well as other modalities such as music therapy, yoga, meditation, etc. are employed in concert with allopathic or “conventional medicine” to meet the needs of patients.

The project will develop in three phases: outpatient integrative medicine center that specializes in the care of oncology patients; multispecialty outpatient integrative medicine center; and a full range of acute and rehabilitative services built upon the success of the outpatient programs with a subscriber health plan.